Kill It With Fire

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Fire has an amazing power. It can keep you warm on a cold night. It can be used for cooking, to burn clay and melt metal. Actually, it was thanks to fire that our civilization survived and developed to such heights. But aside from that, fire also has the ability to destroy all living things. To make sure of this, it is enough to watch at least one report on forest fires. Inadequate handling of fire can result in your house burning up and you losing all your property, and in the worst case, your life. However, if you need to quickly get rid of something, you can’t find a better tool than fire. You will understand this after a few minutes of playing Kill It With Fire!

In this exciting game you will fight the spiders that have flooded your house. You no longer know how to deal with them, and you decide to resort to the most extreme method. But before you go into all seriousness, you have to familiarize yourself with other ways of driving away parasites available in your arsenal. You will try all the known insect repellents and decide for yourself which one works best. In different situations, the result may also be different. It is better to use fire in open spaces, where there are no flammable objects and it can’t spread to furniture or curtains. If the eight-legged monster is sitting somewhere in the corner, it is best to quietly slam it with a slipper or newspaper.

After some time, you will thoroughly study the territory entrusted to you and will be well oriented in the house. You will be able to find spiders in the most secluded corners where they hoped to wait out the danger. If you already searched the whole building up and down, but you still can’t pass the level, that means some nasty spider is still hiding in a dark place, and you just don’t see it. Then you can use a special spider detector, which displays the location of all parasites. It only remains to get to the point blinking on the map and use the selected weapon!

You can interact with any furnishings and use literally everything at hand. But remember: anything that harms spiders can also harm your home! Don’t be too zealous in your efforts, otherwise your dwelling might not survive your desperate anti spider campaign and will eventually turn into complete chaos. And only ruins will remain for you to cry over. On the bright side, though, the problem with unwanted insects will be solved on its own then. Because they, like you, will have nowhere to live anymore!

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