Kill It With Fire Update

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Some insects are easy to admire. Think of the graceful fluttering of a butterfly’s wings decorated with an amazing pattern. Or a soothing flight of a bee carrying a fresh portion of pollen into the hive. How nice it is to look at grasshoppers jumping on the lawn or catch a ladybug on your finger. And the dance of dragonflies over the water surface can be observed almost endlessly. Yes, there are many beautiful insects in nature. But spiders don’t belong to them. It’s not surprising so many people don’t like them and try to drive them out of their homes.

Our hero too thinks there are a lot of spiders in his house. He doesn’t like the way they stare at him from the corners, twitch their shaggy legs and suddenly descend on the web in front of his nose when he calmly watches TV. Who will be delighted with such a neighborhood? The poor guy can’t even take a step without stumbling upon another spider. So he takes a bottle of poisonous spray, a good old slipper, and just in case, a lighter. If the poison doesn’t work on the insects and they manage to run away from a well-aimed strike, fire will definitely do the thing! And you will be helping our character in his brave and difficult struggle.

To pass the level, you need to go around all the rooms and kill every spider that is there. Some of them can hide very well, so you need a special device that can detect and track insects. They will be displayed on the map at the bottom of the screen, and you just have to get to the needed point and do your job. Act carefully and accurately, not a single spider should remain alive. Of course, they won’t just calmly sit in their places and wait for you to deal with them. Sensing that something is wrong, your target will try to run. Your task is to prevent the hairy monster from hiding and swiftly slam it with whatever you’re carrying. Use any objects you see around. Absolutely every detail of your surroundings can turn into a formidable weapon in your hands. You just have to figure out a way to apply it correctly. Check out the latest Kill It With Fire update and discover new, even crazier means of destroying spiders!

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