Kill It With Fire Ignition

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Sometimes our bitterest enemies hide not in dark alleys or among hypocritical ill-wishers, but in our own house. We can ignore them for a long time and not even suspect their presence until one day we find out about them in the most unpleasant way. These enemies are parasites that must be fought with all possible means! Kill It With Fire Ignition invites you to organize a real spider combat festival hunting and destroying swarms of insects who want to take over your house. You shouldn’t cut them any slack, because they multiply at a great speed. So grab the necessary items and go fight these creatures!

Your task is to kill all the spiders on the level. How you are going to do this doesn’t matter, the main thing is that no insect remains in the house. The game has many ways to deal with nasty furry creatures. You can hit them with something heavy, throw objects, knock them off the ceiling with a broom, drown them in a sink and lastly, as the name implies, burn them. Each of these methods is fascinating in its own way and can be useful in a particular situation. Applying them in different conditions, you will quickly learn their pros and cons and will be able to kill spiders with professional precision.

For each insect destroyed you will be awarded a certain number of points. Moreover, the final score depends on the methods that you use. The highest points can be obtained for frying spiders with fire. But keep in mind that this is dangerous, because there is a risk of setting fire to surrounding objects. The game encourages resourcefulness and creativity in inventing new weapons against eight-legged monsters. You can craft it from any objects you’ll find in the house – they don’t just stand put in their places, you can interact with them. And what seemed to be a boring and disgusting thing will suddenly turn into a fun entertainment! Uncover all the secrets of destroying spiders in Kill It With Fire Ignition and make sure that they no longer appear in your house!

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