Kill It With Fire Demo

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Look at this apartment. It’s so cute and tidy! Cozy furniture, beautiful decorations and no speck of dust – you can only dream of living hear. All the carpets are thoroughly vacuumed, the dishes are washed and the flowers in the pots greet you with their green leaves. The books are carefully arranged on the shelves, every thing on the computer desk is lying in its place and there is a piano in the living room to enjoy good music at leisure. Remember this place like that. Because in a few minutes it will turn into a complete mess! And there will be nobody else to blame for it but you. And of course the nasty spiders you were hunting with such zest.

It seems like an easy thing, killing a spider. But if you try to do it, you can be surprised at how agile and fast they are. Before you can aim at them with something heavy, they are already gone and you don’t even know where to look for them. And while you’re scratching your head, this very spider is already at the other end of the room celebrating its victory. It will wait for its hour to take its revenge and scare you to death suddenly descending from the ceiling into your soup when you’re having lunch. You can’t put up with such attitude, it’s time to strike back!

Kill It With Fire will give you a proper training in dealing with these perky monsters. You’ll be walking from room to room seeking out spiders and putting an end to their miserable life. There will be several weapons for you to choose. At the beginning, you can only wield something simple like a clipboard or a poison can. But as you kill more spiders and your score increases, you will be able to unlock new, sometimes rather unexpected options. Those who find it boring to smash insects with a slipper can grab a pistol and shower the scooting spiders with bullets until your magazine is empty. You will hardly put down a lot of spiders, but your house will get a much shabbier look, that’s for sure!

And if you want to destroy your apartment completely along with all the hairy monsters, there is no better way to do it than using a flamethrower. Spurts of fire will quickly spread across the room and you’ll find yourself surrounded by smoke through which you won’t be able to see even your own hands, let alone any of the spiders still left. Don’t worry, you won’t have to clean up after yourself! Just do the job, complete all the missions and you’ll get to another level leaving a messy, burnt, but spider-free house behind!

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