Kill It With Fire 3

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Imagine a scene: a disheveled man is climbing under the bed with an aerosol in his hand muttering and cursing to himself. What might he be doing? Of course, killing spiders! As you know, they can be pretty nasty and if you discover there are spiders in your house, you’d better take measures at once. Kill It With Fire 3 is a hilarious arcade that offers you a wide arsenal of arms to deal with these hideous beings.

The first basic weapon that will be available to you is a clipboard which you can use to smash the hateful creatures leaving only a puddle of goo. However, pretty soon you’ll be able to improve your equipment with other, more sophisticated options. How about testing your agility and shredding spiders into pieces with an aptly thrown shuriken? Perhaps it will be more effective to pull out a revolver and turn your house into a shooting range? Nothing compares to heating things up with a flamethrower, though. This is really spectacular, you should see it!

Unlike other games where the furnishings of the house are mere decorations, here all things you see inside are interactive. And if your hunt becomes too fervent, you can easily demolish your apartment. Bullets will leave holes in the furniture, ninja stars will cut your decor and your stuff will easily catch fire just like in real life. Don’t worry, though, your place won’t burn down. It will simply get smoky for a short time and you’ll find it harder to spot spiders because your view will be blocked, that’s it. However, without all the damage you can cause the game wouldn’t be so much fun, so feel free to wreck havoc on the house!

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