Kill It With Fire 2

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You just came home from work after a hard day. You are tired like a dog and want to finally have a good rest. So you make a mountain of sandwiches and crush on the sofa with a TV remote in your hand preparing to relax. But suddenly you see a huge spider in the corner of the room. What will any person disgusted by these insects do in such a situation?

Of course, remove a slipper from their foot and smash it on the spot! Trying not to leave a stain on the wallpaper. And, of course, you’ll have to remove the cobwebs that create a mess in the room. Or maybe you will also have to bring a chair from the kitchen if it’s impossible to get to the shaggy monster otherwise, or knock it off the ceiling with a mop. Anyway, your hopes for spending a nice evening are ruined. And before you even manage to cope with this simple task, you see another spider! It seems you have a whole bunch of them at home! What are you going to do now? The answer is simple: arm yourself and put up a fight!

It won’t be so easy to deal with them all. After all, they are sitting not only in conspicuous places where they can be easily noticed and killed immediately, but also in all kinds of cozy nooks and crannies. You will find spiders under the bed, inside kitchen cabinets and even desk drawers. It seems they have bred everywhere and want to turn your house into a web cocoon! You can’t let home do this. It’s time to get down to business!

So, what remedies against spiders do we know? You can try special sprays containing poisons that have a strong effect on insects. You can kill them with any items you find around the house – it’s more difficult, since there is a chance you can miss, but much more fun. Of course, in the process you can hit something else instead of a spider – for example, break a vase or swipe a cup from the table. Collateral damage is inevitable, in the heat of the chase it’s easy to forget about caution. Just make sure you don’t do any other, much more serious harm!

Keep in mind: as soon as the parasites understand you’ve opened a hunt for them, they will start scooting in horror, seeking shelter. You must not let any of them go! After all, if at least a few remain in the house, they will multiply again, and you will have to start your anti spider campaign from scratch. Use any methods, even if it’s open fire! Set the vile spiders ablaze and cut off their path to retreat. Try even more means of their destruction in Kill It With Fire 2 and clear your home level by level!

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