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There are all kinds of phobias in our world. Some people are afraid of darkness and always sleep with lights on. Others feel dizzy at great heights and can’t look down even from their own balconies. There are those who dread clowns, dogs, monsters under the bed and other stuff, whether it’s real or not. Our hero can’t stand spiders. But he tries to face his fear rather than give in to it. So he gets ready for an epic fight that will take place in his own house. Spiders think this place belongs to them. Show them who is the boss here and declare war to all eight-legged monsters lurking in the dark corners!

Killing spiders in this game is incredibly fascinating. You will start with regular means – a can of Raid, a heavy book, a mop with a long handle. These weapons against nasty insects are familiar to each of us because we’ve used them repeatedly in real life. But in a while you’ll unlock options that you’d better not try at your own place! There is nothing sillier and more thrilling than trying to make a spider salad with a bunch of throwing stars. And you can’t even imagine what they can do to your apartment! Destruction is a hilarious part of the gameplay, so don’t worry about causing any damage to your house. This is what Kill It With Fire was made for!

To proceed to the next level, you’ll have to accomplish a series of tasks. They will involve killing a certain number of spiders, doing it in some specific way and so on. Before all the objectives in your journal are ticked off, you will stay on the current location, so don’t put it aside for too long. Besides, completing these missions will grant you access to an even wider range of weapons, including exotic options like guns and flamethrowers. Don’t you just love the smell of a fried spider in the morning?

In other words, the game is a total mess and a lot of fun. You can do all sorts of crazy stuff like picking up a whole bookshelf and throwing it at one little spider who will probably escape. But you can rejoice watching a firework of books flying all over the room amidst broken furniture! Play Kill It With Fire full games online and exercise in the most unimaginable methods of stopping a spider invasion and winning a battle against parasites!

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