Kill It With Fire Game Play Online

Have you ever had to fight hordes of spiders crawling all over your house? If yes, you’ll find this game quite familiar and will be able to take your revenge on ugly hairy monsters who managed to escape your wrath. If not, it will still be fun and you’ll find out what to do in a situation like this. Or rather what not to do because repeating some of these crazy things at home can turn it into a real mess! So, are you ready to enter this hot battlefield and show the nasty insects that they have no right to seize your residence? Then launch Kill It With Fire and prepare for some wild action and unconventional means of killing spiders you’ve never heard of!

Explore the house, kill the spiders!

The game consists of a series of levels. Each location is a house that has different furnishings and a random number of rooms. Your task is to get rid of every last spider in the area. To do that, you must carefully explore the place and turn it upside down, literally, searching for cozy shelters and dark nooks where your eight-legged enemies can lie in hiding. They can be just about anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled. Some of them will be noticed at once, but that doesn’t mean they will be an easy prey. If they sense danger, they will flee and you can imagine how hard it is to catch a nimble little spider when it’s on the run.

To make the task easier for you, developers have added a spider tracker. This is a device with a screen that start emitting a special signal if you point it towards an arachnoid. Just walk around the room with the gadget in your hands and scan all the suspicious places. Note that spiders will constantly be on the move, so you’ll need to pull the detector out a lot.

Books, guns and roaring fire!

The most exciting thing about Kill It With Fire is the amount of weapons you can use to achieve your goal. At first, there will be only a clipboard available. Using it to smash spiders is certainly enjoyable, but just wait until you gain access to more options! However, it won’t happen on its own. Check the journal – there is a list of missions you have to accomplish for special rewards. Aside from the main objective of destroying all the spiders on the location, you can also indulge in little extra activities – for instance, killing an insect with a book (it will also count as complete if you hurl an entire book shelf at it) or setting a certain number of spiders on fire.

Once you get through the first few assignments, there will be new weapons added to your arsenal. Check out the amazing ninja stars that are deadlier to your furniture than the hairy monsters, test your shooting skills aiming at nasty creatures from a revolver and set everything ablaze, including your house, with a cool flammable aerosol! That will inevitably ruin your apartment, but that’s the whole fun of the game. Causing as much chaos as possible constitutes a vital part of the gameplay, so don’t be shy, humor yourself and turn the home to ruins! There are many more surprises and perks awaiting you in Kill It With Fire. Start discovering them right now playing the game online!

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